Our Estate Diary

I had just returned from trip(around the country), the last two months have seen me moving from state to state – a brother has got to make all the money he can while he’s young. My neighbors had certainly gotten used to my not being available, the fine girls had all called in turns to know my whereabouts- some actually out of care, others for reasons you already know. Of all the calls I received, non shocked me like that of Mrs Gilbert, even my mother didn’t check up on me that often. Anyway now that I’m back I sure will get to the bottom of the matter.

I got back to town late at night and luckily for me snuck in without notice, I needed at least two days away from unnecessary talk to rest. Ours is referred to as an estate(although I think it’s a mini estate), where everyone is known for one thing or another, e.g the man who drives the G-wagon, that girl who jogs just to cause commotion, the guy who’s shooting shots at every corner, the worse name I’ve heard so far is the ‘field screamer’ – how Babatunde was handled by the petite girl in his car at the mini field by 8pm till he screamed is what I cannot still understand. Unluckily for him the flippant home cell leader was praying nearby, she walked closer and saw two mortals panting like animals who just conquered the territory of their greatest enemy. Babatunde always thanks his stars Comfort didn’t take pictures, he would have been finished, all the others Who heard the story have only had to imagine what happened that cold night. I would tell you for free that Babatunde avoided being seen for a while, until I give him an idea which helped convince some of those crushing on ‘tunde, the oil rich boy’, that it wasn’t him.

On the evening of my third day in town I stepped out to empty my thrash, get a few things and of course see my man Tunde(who I saw drive in with two software ), then I ran into Karibo. The girl with succulent lips, for some reasons in my eyes she had everything in the right proportion. As usual she was dressed to end relationships, we spoke for a while and then Linda(as Karibo introduced her, I noticed she chuckled), our newest gang member joined us. We got along so well, Kari baby couldn’t wait to chase me away(the story between me and Kari is better left for another day, I learnt first hand by myself while ‘the oil rich boy’ always laughed at me while I was ‘loving’ Kari).

I got to Tunde’s house and baba was so delighted to have me around(in 20 minutes I knew exactly why). I was in time to enjoy the sumptuous ordered dinner with red wine to compliment. Tunde volunteered to clear the dishes and Amaka joined him, I was left with Rosy to talk about big brother naija, and skinny girl in transit. Baba and Amaka took over 20 minutes to drop plates in the kitchen, I got to the kitchen to get water for Rosy and realized the duo didn’t even make it there, I could hear the slapping of bodies from the room and knew the current style – tunde just had a thing for loud sounds. “Where is your friend and my friend” Rosy asked, “they are washing the dishes” I replied, I knew my answer wasn’t convincing but then, what can a brother say? She just smiled.

10.30pm, the ladies had to leave, my intention to join baba drop them off changed quickly as soon as I spotted Linda strolling. “it was a pleasure to meet you Rosy, I hope we see again soon. As for you Amaka weh done o”, “I’ll see you sooner than you expect” Rosy replied. Amaka kept mute and I’m sure you know why.

I strolled with Linda, till we got to her door. We talked about different things and exchanged numbers. While we talked baba kept calling, I ignored his calls – who would want to be disturbed at this all important moment! I got a hug for the long walk. As soon as Linda stepped into her house, I returned baba’s call, “o boy come house now now jare” he shouted, the urgency made me arrive swiftly. Rosy it was who opened the door for me, I was surprised and asked “you guys changed your mind”, “I told you I was gonna see you sooner than you expected”, “OK o, I replied”. I met Tunde in the room and asked why he called, “o boy, that babe get call say her area dey under attack. Na why I bring am back. Na she say make I call you sef, else I for dong go drop am for Amaka side”, as a pitakwa guy wey dey on point the statement “I’ll see you sooner than you expect” made more sense now.

11:45pm, Rosy seems comfortable in my boxer and t shirt, her ingredients clearer visible now. I had made up my mind, I wasn’t going to make any move at all for two reasons, being turned down & sleeping with my blood hot and creating an opportunity to be accused of anything unpleasant. I left Rosy in the room and moved to the parlour – with the centre rug, pillow and blanket as worthy companions. A warm hand around me woke me up in fear(my next door neighbor had screamed in the middle of the night 3 months ago) around 3am. I reciprocated the hug, my hands trying to draw the map of West Germany but was stopped half way,“well let me just enjoy the hug then” I concluded.

A knock on the door wakes me up, but before I could stand, Rosy was already at the door. “Good morning dear, I’m looking for Edy ”, “Good morning. he’s still sleeping” Rosy replied, “please let him know I stopped by”, “I sure will” Rosy responded. I knew it was Linda whom I had promised to jog with that morning, now Rosy had spoilt things and didn’t even make up for it. “You had a visitor”, Rosy interrupted my thoughts, “I guess she came to invite you to the gym” she continued, while concentrating on her phone, “what’s her name” I asked, “I didn’t ask her, but if you have so many women coming around like that, then you can start guessing” she giggled. She started acting withdrawn, I made breakfast and tried to get her out of her mood. We spent the rest of the morning scrolling through channels, chatting, pillow fights and finally kissing. After the third kiss, our bodies responded to the fluids that had reached it’s boiling points since last night – thanks to Amaka and Tunde. We touched, felt and sucked – I never knew some adults suck better than hungry babies. She loved to be in control, but so gentle about it that I didn’t mind being submissive over and over again as we offered our bodies as a sacrifice to our passions of lust. Thoughts of Linda crept in once in a while, but then calling her now would further complicate matters.

Rosy stayed till Sunday evening and that’s how my missionary journey on the broad way began.

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