Prior to the 2015 elections, General Muhammadu Buhari was touted to be the messiah Nigeria needed. Nigerians were told that having lost elections thrice in the past, no one had studied the needs of the nation better than the General. Despite missing a debate for such a crucial election, Nigerians were told the General who’s WASCE certificate has remained a subject of controversy is too intelligent to waste time debating a ‘clueless’ Ph.D holder. We saw a lot of persons and children of those previously jailed by the General for no just cause, coming together to agree that they(their parents) were probably guilty after all!

Today marks three years since President Buhari was sworn in and it’s obvious that by all standards he doesn’t even qualify as a leader let alone a messiah. From every angle, the president has shown and proven those of us who had no doubts in his inability to lead a diverse and complicated nation like Nigeria right.
However, while we lambaste the president for having failed in almost all ramifications, we need to ask ourselves if it is ever possible for someone to give what he doesn’t have. Education may not be everything, but then why would you cry that the FSLC holder you handed your multi billion business to can neither read or write nor comprehend the complications of the business world? You made your bed, kindly lie on it!

The history of Mr President was enough pointer to the direction the man will take. To prove how modest he is, the man is said to have owned just 150 cows that had refused to increase within a decade or more, how then was he expected to grow Nigeria’s economy? Of course the double digit inflation figures were bound to happen. Again I ask, can a man give what he does not have?
Under this administration the President has shown again by the harassment of Judges that the abduction of Alhaji Dikko wasn’t a mistake, that’s the only way the president knows how to settle scores. Now that most of the judges have been cleared of whatever charges the DSS manufactured in their heads, the presidency hasn’t thought it necessary to offer an apology to people whose rights were grossly abused by his agents.
Let’s talk about the raid of the Akwa Ibom State Government House by men of the DSS, a clear indication that even the immunity clause only covers those the president so decides, till today we haven’t heard of any disciplinary action being taken on those overzealous officers, a clear pointer as to whose table the order came from – unless of course we are to believe stories about the Lion King not actually being in charge, if that’s the case then once again the stories of Idiagbon actually running the government back then may be true. Once again, can a man give what he doesn’t have?
If anyone though the General detaining people in 1984, declaring them guilty and sentencing them to jail until they in turn prove their innocence was a mistake, through the actions of the government as it concerns El-Zazaky, it’s now obvious Buhari’s actions had nothing to do with his being a military ruler, imprisoning people for fun is a sport for him. A man can only give what he has.
A closer look at the anti corruption perfect ones again will make it obvious to discerning minds, that the anti corruption fight has been sideways from the start. For starters within the president’s ‘modest’ household his son who graduated less than two years ago has prospered so much in his endeavours that he could afford a luxury worth millions of Naira to play with. Mr President practically begged his former SGF to step aside to save face, the man was even asked to name a replacement and so far still enjoys the company of his Aso Rock friends, compare and contrast with the case of Mr Metuh. From Ubima’s Ameachi to the gloves wearing Shittu, the IGP, Mr Magu, Chief of Staff to the President, Chief of Army Staff, NNPC GMD and many other examples all around, it’s obvious as it was when suitcases filled with hard currency disappeared that Mr President decides what he allows to disappear without trace. Talk about consistency.

From the IGP, Director of DSS to other top government functionaries it’s been different tales of insubordination. While the President stands aloof every one in his government matches in the direction of their choice. Only recently one of the president’s numerous media aides claimed money had been approved by his boss for the payment of workers of Nigeria Airways, a claim the minister of finance swiftly debunked, if the president wasn’t the one who told his aide a lie, who did? Well, when even members of the presidents household cannot understand the direction of his government, who else can? Even with insecurity all around, killings everyday yet the General who promised to led from the front is mostly likely still busy ironing his uniform! To him the crisis in Benue can still be turned into a joke to laugh about.

The administration keeps claiming agricultural reforms and progress in the sector, one cannot help but wonder if these so called reforms will ever reflect on the prices of food stuffs like rice, which before his coming was affordable. The prices of petroleum products he promised to reduce has remained a mirage. It just seems that everything he spoke of while campaigning were things he had no grasp of. Oh, lest I forget the President has recently approved more money for the Ogoni cleanup, even with nothing substantial on ground for three years – it’s about eight months to the elections and all the president understands is his quest for power despite the obstacles or realities on ground.
He promised health sector reforms. How can someone who isn’t even aware that all unions with the health sector except NMA have been on strike for almost two months now deliver on any reform? The President has found love in London hospitals, nothing at home bothers him at all. Even the Aso Rock clinic that should serve the needs of the first family and other ‘privileged’ Nigerians is in a terrible state, as confirmed by members of the first family. A man who has never cared for the interest of jobless lazy youths who climb trees to see him, won’t suddenly begin to care because he’s now the President.
Aside that helipad in his village, I don’t know how many more projects Mr President has began, completed and commissioned in three years, but once again a man cannot do anything beyond what his capacities allow.

As we celebrate nineteen years of democracy in Nigeria and rue these three wasted years, Nigerians should not lose focus of what lies ahead(the General elections). We will once again have a choice of either continuing our current slide backward or moving forward(at even the slowest of speeds). President Buhari has given his best by the standards he set for himself since 1984, he cannot sail beyond his ability. An entire nation cannot be held bound by the low standards of President Buhari, the mistake has proved costly but then it’s time to move on.
Happy Independence Day Nigeria!

Sammy Pam tweets from @we_shallprevail.

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