Often times we ascribe our failures to different factors, from our family, to friends, neighbors, colleagues and even supernatural forces. We even conclude that God does not love us enough hence his decision to watch us suffer despite all the work we have put in while others who are not as hard working as we are prosper everyday. In our minds those prospering and making the best out of life are doing so because either God loves them too much or they do not have so many wicked people in their families as we do, or they are extremely lucky to have family members who have made it and decided to carry them along – we conclude.

While one may not dismiss the power of the supernatural on the natural, however most people have experienced and will keep experience failures in their endeavours simply because they have refused to sharpen their competence. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines competence as “The ability to do something well : the quality or state of being competent”, it further describes being competent as “Having the necessary ability or skills : able to do something well or well enough to meet a standard”. From the definitions, it is clear that many people have refused to work on themselves but find it easier to point fingers in other directions.

“If you will do well, you will be accepted”. No one is willing to keep wasting time and resources on someone who cannot deliver on tasks and assignments. This explains why some people feel their managers and bosses simply dislike them and refuse to give them responsibilities, when the true picture is that your boss knows your competence level. Can you handle tasks without supervision? Or with minimum supervision? Can you deliver on tasks as scheduled? Can you assign task if you are left in charge or you are the kind that cannot face your subordinates? Every one may be qualified for the job but certainly not everyone can be a manger on the job, you must stand out to be trusted with more responsibility.

There are entry level qualifications but no one wants to hand over his business to someone who’s still at entry level 10 years after. This is why appraisals are done in organizations, to determine who is fit to continue and who should be dropped and who will be selected as ‘best among equals’ when it’s just one position to be filled or just one task to be assigned. You boss might not hate you, rather the true situation might be that he just cannot trust you with responsibilities. To her you are just good enough to be in the team, you cannot represent the team if need be, she is not willing to allow herself be embarrassed before management. Sharpen your competence and you will naturally be the one to be called upon at all times till perhaps someone much more competent steps up.

As we begin a new week with a whole lot of possibilities, ask yourself have I within this year developed my competence in any way, or I have just decided to hold on to worn out skills while knocking on new doors of opportunities meant for does better prepared? When you deliver people will naturally come back to enjoy more of what they got. What are you willing to give to be the best at what you do? Being lackadaisical, lukewarm, laid-back, blind to potentials that lies within and largely incompetent isn’t the way to achieve your dreams and life goals. You sharpen your competence by being ready to give your best and do[use] whatever positive things[means] to be if not the overall best at least one of the best in your field. Very few people have the patience to waste time on trial and error, if you are given one opportunity – make it count.

Degrees, talk and certifications is not all there is to it, delivery and accuracy is what earns you trust, more clients, responsibilities and ultimately more income. Yes there may be an element of luck somewhere but do not leave your life to chance, make the best of the time you have here. Instead of worrying more about things you have no control over, work on improving the ones you have control over. All the rich men in your family owe you nothing, people have succeeded despite having wicked people in their families, people have picked themselves up from nothing and made the best out of life. Refocus, redirect your creativity, sharpen your competence. The basic laws of life won’t change because you are involved, but life can also offer you what you take of it by ‘force’

In the big league competence is all that matters, else you will be run out by your competitors. Your success lies in your own hands more than someone else’s. You can be the best you want to be. You can exceed expectations if only you decide to grow yourself and sharpen your competence.

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