I wouldn’t consider myself a really bad girl by certain standards, I also wouldn’t say I am the best girl there is out there. I guess I’m just that girl who is loyal to one man for as long as things seem right to us, maybe this is why at 25 my body count didn’t exceed 3. I knew more about sex, romance and all that comes with it long before I actually started experiencing it. I read about it and on few occasions also saw life action, no thanks to my cousin and older brother who being 9 and 7 years older than me respectively had brought home various girlfriends to disturb my innocent ears with sweet tune music and corrupt my innocent eyes with divided legs.

My cousin had lived most of his life in Ibadan, being the first son and heir apparent to my uncle’s wealth they decided he should come down to the east to school. I later got to realize the sole reason was because my uncle felt coming back home will increase the chances of his boy bringing home an Adanne. We lived in a modest 4 bedroom flat in the University town of Nsukka, my father being an engineer was often times on the road, my mother a civil servant had a more predictable schedule. My father and mother shared a room, my maternal grandmother had a room to her and any of my aunties who stopped by to see her, I shared a room with my elder sister and our domestic helper, while my brothers took over the remaining room. Adjustments were made when there was need to. The three rooms in our boys quarters were seldom occupied, one was permanently used to store old things while the other two rooms were occupied by my father’s workers whenever they came around. We as kids were permanently barred from going that way, especially when the workers were around. All of these changed as soon as my cousin arrived – at least for my elder brother.

My cousin arrived on a wet friday afternoon with his parents. His mom is very fond of me, she was a regular visitor at our home whenever she was in the east. My cousin wasn’t half as handsome as his dad but is sure a powerful dresser. My dad had made sure the rooms in the BQ were given a facelift for Eze. My brother’s temporarily moved to one room, while Eze settled into the other room, my brother’s room was were Sir and Lady Kenneth stayed for the weekend. While my mother has someone to share her thoughts with, the men stepped out on Friday and Saturday together to do what men do. I think the boys were also catching up in the BQ. Eze’s parents left on Sunday, while my younger brother couldn’t wait to return to his bed, my elder brother had found a new ‘partner in crime’.

Eze reported to campus the following day to do the necessary formalities. My first experience with the noise from Eze’s room was on a Friday afternoon – we didn’t have lessons on fridays, hence I returned home early. I was at the BQ to pick up my calculator from my brothers room when I heard sounds of music “baby it has filled me”, was what caught my attention. I knew none of the rooms in the BQ had a television so where would the noise be coming from? Leaving my brother’s room to return to the main house I noticed the window open, out of curiosity I peeped and saw Eze pushing the unknown lady’s butt from behind. From my position all I could see was the girl’s bum bum going up and down, occasionally he spanked her and she buried her face more in the sheets to avoid screaming. 10 minutes or so later, she fell flat on the bed and he collapsed on her, I tiptoed away in confusion wondering what really happened there. Since my sister lived in her school hostel, there was no one for me to share my thoughts with. Two days later, I overheard our domestic helper talking on the phone to whom I didn’t know saying “my dear, I get wet just hearing the sounds those girls make. The guy has a massive mould from what I can see from his shorts”, she hurriedly ended the call when she saw me promising to call whoever it was later. My parents and grandma were away for the weekend with my younger brother. I returned from school to a quiet house, I didn’t find Ogechi but also wasn’t bothered about her whereabout not until I heard violent coughing from the BQ. I took a walk over there to watch my second movie. Behold there was Ogechi kneeling with her mouth dripping while she sucked on Eze’s black filler with her right hand in places I couldn’t see. From the look on his face it drove him nuts, she choked once again and this time, he pulled her up and bent her over his reading table. Ogechi always said I was a noisemaker but here she was not only making noise but saying silly things. She begged him to “ride me harder” and he hit her so hard, I feared the table would break. Then each time he wiggled his waist she quivered, just when she held tight to the table, he pulled out and she cried and asked him not to – Ogechi crying? I couldn’t shake that entire picture off my mind the whole weekend. He ordered her to lie down and she hurriedly obeyed her lord, the more he rubbed the tip of his filler around her entrance, the more she lifted and spread her legs, finally when he filled her up again, she let out a scream of pleasure and wrapped her legs round him tight. With his mouth on her left breasts, he pumped harder into her being and just when her legs let go of his waist, her hands were in the air and her head moving in different directions like the people we watch on TV being delivered of evil spirits and after a while they both lay still. He attempted to stand up, she held him back “please stay for a while, I just want to feel you inside me”. The show was offer and while I walked away, I started getting scared of aunty Ogechi, could it be she also had an evil spirit?
If what she manifested that day was a sign of someone with an evil spirit, then the day I watch Eze bury his face within her legs I concluded she had legion of spirits in her. I had never seen someone scream so loud and be restless, yet enjoy all that was happening to her. She stood with one leg on the bed while all of these was going on, as her legs got weaker and her nipples harder, she told him “baby boy please fill me up. I can’t wait any longer” He continued to work on her till she held his head, detaching him from her dripping centre, then he responded “today you’re gonna ride me”. He lay on his bed and she rode him like a skilful horseman. She twisted, turned and breastfed him while she rode. Sometime she was so fast, he had to hold her waist and other times she rocked gently like she wasn’t ready to have this end. And then I guess she felt his filler twitch in her and knew she had to end it all in rhythm with him. She turned around, with her behind facing him, I could see her juices all over him. And while he poured his cream, she emptied her well. The water from her could quench a baby’s thirst and while she remained still shaking, the more he pushed his filler into her, the more her water flowed.

The rest of the weekend was awkward between aunty Ogechi and I. For some reasons she seemed to avoid looking me in the eyes whenever we were together but I could see she was happier than I had ever seen her before, she let me always have my way and told her friend once again that night “my dear, I now feel alive once more. The boy has it and had used it well on me”. I dozed off not hearing the concluding part of the conversation, but what I do remember is that two months later things weren’t exactly the same anymore, at least not for her.

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