I met Tony while attending Jamb preparatory classes. He wasn’t much of a talker but he had his way with words, he would say whatever was on his mind and treated the rest of the class like children. I later found out he had spent one year already attending classes in the University only to find out he wasn’t really a student, the man who promised to ensure he was admitted dissapointed. We weren’t friends, as I had my own clique from secondary school I stuck to. Somehow we got into an argument over what I can’t remember but after he apologized, we became friends and got much more closer – Tony became my first real boyfriend. Sundays were the longest days of the week for me, it was the only day I didn’t see Tony. The torture my heart went through on Sunday’s made me think the day had more than 24 hours.

Then we had admission into different schools, initially I felt I couldn’t survive without him but I adjusted with time. We saw ourselves as often as we could . How can I forget the first day he kissed me, I could feel my juices dripping. His lips were warm and inviting, he sucked my tongue like it would quenched his thirst. The longer we kissed the more I longed for more, and when his hand brushed my breast, I felt the tingling in my soul. He fondled my nipples from my blouse for a while and I lost consciousness. He held me by the hand and pulled me up, I could see his ‘risen’ bulge and reached out to feel it, imagining if it would make me scream like Eze’s made aunty Ogechi scream. He pulled up my skirt and traced his hands to my now soaked centre, as he kissed and felt my bum bum, I couldn’t hold it any longer “make love to me” I whispered in his ears.

He took off my top and bra with expertise. The more he sucked on my big nipples, the weaker my legs became. By now my juice was dripping towards my leg, I helped him out of his shorts and boxers. His tool was nodding towards my direction already, moving backwards towards the bed with him closely next to me I lay on the bed and waited for my moment of pleasure. Somehow I noticed Tony’s countenance had changed, he suddenly became hesitant. I began wondering if I had done anything wrong, “baby are you sure this is what you want?”, “yes baby”, I replied. “If you are not ready, I’m willing to wait till you are” he said, I was both confused and embarrassed all at once. The rest of the weekend was awkward between us, with time I realized he didn’t reject me as I thought. Shortly before I left on Sunday he tried to make us talk about it, I bluntly refused and he had no choice than to let me be. My journey back to school was filed with so many thoughts “how could he turn me down, am I not good enough or what?” I kept wondering.

The rest of the week was boring, I sometimes was lost during classes. Tony called often as usual to find out about my well-being and also apologize, at times when I bothered picking his calls our discussions were unnecessarily annoying to me. Uju lived in my lodge, she was much older than us and more experienced. She often advised us on the need to reduce our body counts and play safe. She could be vulgar when she wanted to but trust me she had a good heart and was always there for any girl who was going through any difficulty. She was the go to relationship advisor. No matter how close we were, I knew she was older and always gave her respect, I guess that endeared me to her more.

On one of the nights we were in my room, we talked about a lot of things and she talked about how she lost her fiancebecause she wanted to eat her cake and bake it. She got entangled with a guy she met while visiting her sister. Somehow they started having sex and “I won’t lie the sex was explosive”, “each time he made love to me, It came with new experiences”, she said. While she spoke I could see she had teary eyes, “his dick was extra sweet, it touched me in all corners. With it came money and fun. But it cost me my relationship, I could afford more things but I eventually lost the best of them all”. “Did your fiance catch you?” I asked, “no he didn’t, but he realized something was responsible for the strain in our relationship”, he never confronted me directly. I told her about my experience with Tony as though it was that of a friend, “hmm, your friend should even be grateful. How many guys would miss an opportunity to devour a woman’s bottom pot and let it slip because they weren’t sure if she’s really ready?” she asked, I didn’t respond.

The next day Tony called and was surprised at my countenance. He jokingly asked if any spiritualist convinced me to forgive him, “who told you that I’ve forgiven you?” I giggled “oya what can I do for you to forgive me” he asked. “Create time to come and see me and also make sure you don’t pull that stunt on me again” I replied, “is that all, my love?” he asked, “yes” I replied. “You have me all to yourself this weekend” he said. The week seemed longer than usual then on Friday he called that he was on his way and would be waiting in his hotel till I was done with my activities for the day. When I got to his hotel, he ordered for dinner and a bottle of red wine to wash it all down, We talked for a while about random things, before I went for a shower and returned with my see through night gown having nothing underneath. As soon as he lifted his face from his phone and saw me he moved towards me and gave me a soft kiss on my lips, my cold nipples responded to the sensation. He turned my behind towards himself and felt my two breast from behind, I could feel his bulge rising and when it was fully erect he pulled up my night gown and inserted it between my legs. I moaned as he parted my legs a bit for his hands to feel my wet spot, he turned me around to face him and kissed me briefly before taking off my gown. I tried to pull off his boxers but he stopped me and led me to the bed.

As he walked away from me, I closed my eyes and for a moment tried not to imagine him doing what he did the last time again. I felt him part my legs and I responded like an obedient child with my eyes still closed, I felt something cold on my entrance, before I could ask what it was I felt his tongue begin to lick off all of it. The more he sucked, the more my juices flowed. His tongue was meant for this I concluded. The more I tried to contol the movement of my hips, the more I surrendered myself to him and the more I found myself wanting more. Just when I thought he was done with me, I felt him drive through my very being. I felt pain and pleasure all at once and my waters flowed. I had read about people squirting, here I was experiencing it. The more he pushed in the more the fountain flowed. And when he increased his speed, I could feel my entire being moving in unison to the impending orgasm. With one last push, in one accord we let out all our lust and bonded as one. He collapsed on me, I held on tighter to him for a while. He rolled over and drew me closer, I slept off in his arms. The rest of the weekend was worthwhile, as we explored our youthful bodies.

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