Dear Bachelor,

The weekend is here again and you must survive; to survive you have to eat‎; to eat – it’s either you cook, eat out or expect someone to come help you out.

Inviting someone over is good BUT consider the unnecessary shakara(as in you can’t even boil water)/cost(in this recession) plus football is back, you wouldn’t want to be stuck with ZeeWorld or African Magic Igbo while Chelsea is playing.

Eating outside is good – you’ll have varieties each time but isn’t it inconveniencing to step out each time for a meal?

Now you want to cook‎ but you’re afraid of roaming in the market or not cooking well. Here’s how to pull through: Pick a lovely casual outfit, look as gentle as you can and step into the market, avoid the stalls of those young ladies – some can be unecessarily rude. Look for a middle aged lady(they are usually more patient, if you’re couteous though) selling the first thing on your list, while you’re been attended to ask questions as simple as “which cube is good for egusi/stew”‎, contemplate to her hearing “how many cups of egusi will do – na wa o”, the next thing coming your way is a lecture on how to prepare the soup effortlessly(listen attentively, you’ll have to remember all of it at home),all the neighbouring shops selling whatever you’ll be needing will be called upon to bring them to you right there(remember to smile and say thank you to each person). In 20 minutes you’re heading home already, you just had a new customer but most importantly learnt new things – your subsequent weekends won’t be too rough!

‎Enjoy your weekend Bachelor and may the odds be in your favour!

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