The evening breeze as usual lured me out and I wanted to go ahead with my romance, then I noticed some shabbily dressed young girl, there were a lot of them standing at different positions.


There was this particular girl standing all by herself, seeming uncomfortable with what she wore. I would have simply passed by and not bother but there was something about her, she seemed like an open book beckoning on me to come read the lines within her. Her eyes held some kind of pain and disappointed, one look directly into her eyes I discovered this.


I saw a daughter who had left home with high expectations to earn a decent means of living, I saw a family kneeling and praying while their only daughter packed her bag ready to leave for the “CITY OF HUSTLERS” I saw younger ones who kept praying that the sun over sleeps and that the chickens become too sleepy to crow, so they could spend more time in her arms and enjoy the comforting stories of their big sister; but morning came too quickly and they bade her goodbye.


When she looked away, I saw the person she had become, the innocence in her eyes were gone and all that lay within her eyes was guilt. She didn’t seem to remember who she used to be, she was hiding from the monster in her that had to rule for her to put food on her table. She had to make up her mind to dine with the devil every other night, she had become like the legal practitioner bound by the ‘cab rank rule’.


A bright light interferes with my line of thoughts, she says “5000 for a Quickie”, and hops in. The sound of the car zooming off left me wondering what will happen to her perhaps her legs will be kept closed tonight, maybe he would just want to talk her, I laughed so hard at myself as if such people exist.

“Looking for someone to talk to?” Call customer care!

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