My boss has a penchant for taking one unawares. If it’s not telling you about a presentation to a client late, it will be asking you to get ready to travel in less than 24 hours, or sending you to the bank for a transaction by 3pm. The man is just stuck in his ways, but who can complain? Quite unlike other private sector employers, he pays well, treats especially the ladies nicely and pays salaries and allowances on time.

Don’t get me wrong, I really do enjoy going on official trips. It’s always an opportunity to leave this city that never sleeps and it’s crazy traffic, especially when you have a friend in the city you’re being sent to – you get to save the monies meant for hotel bills to flex a bit. Unless oga or that insolent small girl from HR is on the trip as well.

Port Harcourt is one of the best places I love to visit whenever there’s an opportunity. Any official trip to the “Garden City” is always welcomed. Chioma is always available to make each trip worthwhile, good food, someone to talk to, someone to encourage me and of course explosive waist activities. Something about sex with Chioma always made it worth looking forward to. You know when you’re at work and feeling the the intensity of your labour. Her moans alone urge you to go in the more, the softness of her voice as she ascends the peak of pleasure is enough to drive any one to the point of giving his all. Watching her behind as she rides reverse cowgirl with precision can make one spill it in two minutes. That clapping behind is always a sight to behold. There’s something about Chioma and my connection to her I just can’t explain.

The last time we were together, things were a bit strange. She switched to Yoruba sometimes when she received a call. I’ve always known her mom is Yoruba and she has a fair knowledge of the language but not enough to always struggle to maintain a seven or more minutes conversation each time such a call came through. I instantly knew something was up, but then my Yoruba is pedestrian why bring up an allegation you can’t substantiate. I left Port Harcourt feeling a bit jealous. I knew I loved Chioma but I’m not ready to settle down in the next one year and giving her the kind of assurance she needs scares me. What if I do it and she waits for me and I end up hurting her? The mere thought alone tormented me after that trip.

When my boss informed me on tuesday I would be going to Port Harcourt by first flight on thursday, I was extra delighted. Finally an opportunity to straighten things out with Chioma, I thought. I called her that night to inform her I would be in Port Harcourt, she just said “okay”, which was strange. I got the message instantly, but HR has not made resources available for the trip and I had to finance it by myself and get refunds later. It was the third week of the month already and a brother was nearing code red. I asked if I could stay at hers, she replied “I don’t know, I’ll get back to you”. I didn’t need an interpreter, I got the message myself.

I arrived in Port Harcourt and didn’t bother telling Chioma. Boma my guy from NYSC was at the airport to pick me up. I wouldn’t miss an opportunity for Bole and Fish, which I had to my fill with chilled juice to wash down. He dropped me off at home and returned to work. I had to get ready for the next day’s work, the major reason I was in Ph, thoughts of Chioma crept in once in a while, I couldn’t wait to leave ph on Sunday. After work on Friday, it became obvious I wasn’t leaving ph till tuesday. Friday night we went club touring with Boma and when we finally found a club that had ‘live’, we settled in and the groove began. As a proper Pitakwa boy wey get chedas, it wasn’t long before Boma’s crew joined our table. That’s how I met Helen.

I noticed she wasn’t really into the fun and while everyone else danced she just sat there watching. Well as a gentleman I had to keep her company. We both decided to go to the outside bar and chill a bit, as we talked I sensed she was having emotional issues which I wasn’t ready to probe more about. I left the club with Helen, while Boma left with her friend Rosy – I could only imagine what happened at home, two horny people who could barely keep their hands to themselves.

Helen slightly tipsy began taking off her clothes from the door and slept off as soon as she hit the bed. I found comfort in the three in one sitter. I returned to Boma’s place and the rest of the Saturday seemed normal till Joy arrived. I left Port Harcourt without Boma completing the full gist of how he knew her. As soon as she arrived, she excused him to the room and trust me I had never heard such screams before. One would think she was being beaten up, but the “oh no don’t stop” sounded otherwise. I made sure I had my headphones on for the rest of the day. The torment was just too much.

Helen called to ask if I was free for the rest of the Sunday. Boma and his noisy babe had stepped out. Cohbams’s Empty had been on repeat all day, the more I listened the more I thought of Chioma who never got back to me since tuesday. The song got Helen emotional and I frankly don’t know how we started kissing. He coldness of her nipple in my mouth is what made me realize the match had started. We made love intensely, two emotionally drained people. Never has a woman looked me directly in the eye while we made love, Helen looked like she was seeing into my soul. The more I reached down, the more she clung to my back. As we approached the point of emptiness, my dug into my hair, I could feel the shivering in her being and for a while she restrained me from continuing to explore while she recovered, after which I completed my race!

We just laid there with the song on repeat, cuddling yet saying nothing to each other. She slept off in my arms. For some reason I and Helen just spoke about other things and not what just happened. Boma and Joy returned to continue another noisy session, Helen couldn’t believe her ears and had to increase the volume of the TV. While we settled for lunch, Joy’s phone rang and obviously the person on the other side was accusing her of going to visit another man, “I don’t know what you are talking about, all I know is that I went to visit my brother”. The rest of us on the table stared at each other – no one spoke. I wondered which brother was visiting Chioma.

Helen’s text “without you my world will be empty, please fill the space in my heart”, was all I pondered on while airborne. As soon as I landed I received Chioma’s “I’m sorry darling. I hope you arrived safely”, either she saw me at the airport or someone must have told her when I left. Last week I didn’t know how to handle one situation, this week I have two – I really need a miracle to know my way!

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