Nigeria’s House of Representatives has rejected the executive order on corruption signed by President Buhari last week.

The president while signing the order, said it would help boost his administration’s anti corruption fight.

The law if implemented is aimed at restricting owners of assets under investigation access to such assets. A move that has been criticized by many Nigerians, referring to it as dictatorial.

At Today’s plenary, Hon Nicholas Ossai, a representative from Delta state moved a motion seeking to suspend the executive order.

Hon Ossai’s motion which was also supported by 27 other lawmakers, who argued that the order is aimed at usurping the powers the national assembly derives from the constitution to make laws and also hijacks the powers and functions of the judiciary.

The PDP had earlier threatened to begin court proceedings against the President over the order, describing his actions as a threat to the country’s democracy.

Lawmakers of the leading APC staged a walkout from the chambers in protest, after other lawmakers led against the executive order had an upper hand during the voice vote.


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