My first two years on campus were unadventurous and boring. My routine was quite predictable but I wasn’t also a pushover. I maintained a good dress sense – because I could afford to, with a CGPA of 3.0. Though I wasn’t the party going babe, I spoiled myself whenever I wanted. I also had a alot of acquaintances, who kept me current of all the happenings around.

I seldom was found around campus after lectures, my house was comfortable enough for me at all times. All the tales of knacks at night class were strange to me though, since I wasn’t a night class person. Sometimes I felt lonely and such night class sex tales only made me more horny on the days I remember them.

I hadn’t had sex in almost two full years, my boyfriend(if I can still call him that) changed all of a sudden when I got admission. We would find ways to see when I was at home, sneaking around various places and paying hotels to spend time together and feel each others warmth. I felt my having an off campus accommodation meant he would take time out to visit me once in a while, well I was wrong.

The one time he stopped by was after we had a serious fight about his not knowing where I stay. I don’t need to be told I have been replaced or that he’s enjoying the new legs wrapped around his waist as he digs deeper into the owner. I know my place and I have accepted same, although I miss having him wiggle his waist while inside of me. I miss using his butt to direct him on how fast or slow I want my pleasures tapped.

One of the times I was at the cinema, the couple in the seat in front made me didn’t help my situation. I was torn inbetween watching the movie and watching these couple frolicking with each others bodies. In the last 20 minutes of the movies, she sat on his legs while they watched the movie – I never knew the seat could withstand such pressure! I was so wet from just watching, I wondered what would have happened if I was in her position.

“babe wey you dey” Tina asked over the phone, “I just comot for cinema” I dey go back house now I responded. “oya I go dey wait for you for house” she concluded. Tina is my closest colleague, beautiful girl with a hips and backside that makes other girls jealous. Her boyfriend was coming into town to spend sometime with her, they would have stayed at her lodge but the gate is locked by 10pm and apparently he wasn’t going to get to town early.

After dinner, we talked a bit. As a good host I choose the rug with my duvet as support, while they both shared my bed. Tina’s boyfriend slept off obviously from tiredness or so I thought. Tina’s moans woke me up in the middle of the night. I laid still to avoid distracting them, while she sang different melodious tunes. With the security light reflecting into the room, I could catch a glimpse of her shadow. Each time she moaned louder, she raised her leg to accommodate the length pushing into her very being. I felt like being part of the party but then self restraint wouldn’t let me.

As he neared his end, he increased his speed, not minding if I would hear or not. The clap from both skin’s made me even more horny, Tina was enjoying what I craved for. After a while, there was silence, the missionary journey had been completed. The next morning, Tina was all smiles and lively – I wouldn’t blame her, sometimes all you need is a good ‘explorer’ to take you away to the land of endless pleasure.

Fred was two years ahead of me, he was one of the quiet boys in my faculty. Most people saw him as a snob, the reason he lost his election woefully. We were friends though and lived on the same street, although we had never visited each other. With Tina and her man gone to her place, I stepped out to recharge and met Fred, we got talking and for the first time followed him back to his place.

We tried to make me feel comfortable while we watched ‘the girl next door’, a movie o had seen several times before though. We got talking about a lot of things inbetween. My reply to his question “are you single”, was incoherent because I really didn’t know if I was. As I was about to leave, I gave him a goodbye hug at the door, how our lips locked together I can’t explain. I sucked his wet tongue as though I had just escaped from the Sahara desert and when his hands touched my breasts, I trembled.

Holding unto me, he led me backwards to the bed, pulled off my lace pant and buried his face deep into into my center spot. Was it that I was so sex starved that I felt like I couldn’t contain the sensation anymore or that he had magic lips. I widened my legs from him and held on tighter to the bed sheets, when I couldn’t take it anymore I asked him to insert his sugarcane into me. When he pulled it out, the size made me anticipate how well it will work in me. I laid sideways with one leg on the wall and gave him permission to make me mourn and he didn’t disappoint. My two years of no sex, ended on a satisfying note with the right tool.







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