8:05am: A peck from his warm lips woke me up. I eventually opened my eyes to him staring at me with his tender eyes and smiling. He looked even more handsome this morning. There was something about the way his eyes brightened whenever he was happy, his happiness was usually infectious. This morning I couldn’t tell why he was smiling at me, I just admired his beauty.


He leaned towards me and kissed me deeply, I responded even yearning for more and ready to have him explore me once again. Just as I was about to turn him over for a ride, he whispered in my ears “breakfast is ready darling, that’s why I woke you up”. He broke free from my arms with that coy smile you give when you know you’re being mischievous.


As I got out of bed to freshen up, I wondered why he would make me breakfast. Have I become so special to him or it’s just one of those things he does to every woman he meets, to keep getting unlimited access to her honey pot. Whatever the reason, it was an impression that was gonna last for a long time.


The more I thought of him while bathing, the wetter I became. Someone who saw my juices flowing this early would think I haven’t had a good spanking for two years, but I was handled right just last night. I hurriedly finished my shower and stepped out to table of fried yam, egg sauce with goat meat and oat. He of course knew after last night, we both needed a meal this heavy to recover.


I had dated Dami for four years. In those years I was never unfaithful to him, told him of everything that was happening to me, loved him and gave him my entire being. I was the auxiliary wife. The sex was good or so I thought, but obviously there’s something Dami was after I still can’t understand. In all those years Dami had never helped me boil water for garri, let alone make me breakfast.


“Are you okay”, his words jolted me back to reality. “I hope my meal isn’t so terrible” he continued, “you did great” I responded. I knew he was happy to hear that, the tingling in his eyes even more evident. We finished breakfast and washed the dishes together, kissing passionately like teenagers dotting over their first love.


The more time I spent with him, the more I wanted him inside of me and all to myself. Maybe I was being selfish, but there’s just this inner cravings to have someone be mine truly and give me a bit of what I was giving as well. I was tired of draining myself for nothing.


I have known Dunbi for a long time. He dated my first year room mate. I couldn’t survive leaving with her for another year, since she changed so much within one that I couldn’t understand her again. My memory of him prior to last night was a helpless guy always arguing with a girl he loved. I think somehow she also loved him but couldn’t sacrifice flexing for that and maybe just enjoyed seeing him frustrated.


I met him at the mall about two months ago, we got talking and with time I realized I was getting more attracted to him. Fast forward to yesterday, we had lunch together and eventually decided to hang out, all the while I hope he would ask me to join him home, if not for anything else at least the warmth his presence offered.


And when he eventually suggested, I ‘reluctantly’ accepted. After our first kiss, the ride home was unnecessarily long. He snuggled up to me, as he held unto my waistline kissing my neck, I could feel his bulge through the wrapper I tied after a shower. I leaned the more on him and when his hands caressed my bare breasts, I knew I couldn’t hold off anymore.


He gently turned me around to face him, kissed my lips, untied my wrapper and led me to his bed, he kissed me from my belly button down, when he got to my centre I shivered when the cold cream touched my skin. He sucked my centre, like he had tasted for it since birth. The more he sucked the wetter I became.


When I couldn’t take it no more, I begged him to fit his cucumber into me. As though he was waiting for the word, he wasted no time in filling me up. He was huge, I was too wet for that to be a problem. He gave me the best sex I have had all my lives, our bodies connected. When I orgasmed, it felt like my body was dividing into two. I held unto him as he gave in with three more pumps. In that moment we found comfort in each others arms, uniting our bodies in our spent lust.













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