Every organization has its secrets, so do some families and individuals. Almost all companies in the manufacturing sector avoid taking ‘strangers’ into their production room, the reason is to prevent someone who isn’t a part of the team from having access to company production secrets.


The product/operation secrets of the company are what makes the product and services of the organization different and unique. Some organizations even make their staff sign agreements to ensure confidential information remain in-house. If the secrets are let out, the products and services become duplicated by others and you lose your advantage.


This strategy should also be adopted by individuals, entrepreneurs and workers when planning. Every detail about you business should not be out there. Some things should remain secret, if you want to maintain your uniqueness. Let’s the execution and the finesse doing the talking and introduction on your behalf.


Not everyone who asks about your business deserves to know the depth of your plans and your execution strategies, they should remain with surface knowledge of whatever it is you are doing. That way you maintain your dynamism.


While you work hard at improving yourself and your products, let the manifestation speak for you. Hoard the secrets, let the fruits show itself – that’s one way to stay focused.


Not everyone asking is interested in your success, some are your competitors, some will only discourage and tell you why you shouldn’t fly as you aim. Since you can’t distinguish who’s in which category, it’s better to guard your secrets and guide the information about your business you are putting out.


Maintaining the mystery around you and your business is critical to the sustainability of your brand and the execution of your set goals with precision – the fear of being double crossed is eliminated or greatly reduced.


Maintain your dynamism. Guard your secrets, Guide your utterances. Protect your processes. Flourish and grow beyond your boundaries.

Have A Splendid Week!


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