I enjoyed the quiet atmosphere around the dimly lit restaurant. The soft music from the compact speakers made my juice seem a bit colder than it was. Everything seemed awesome and for a moment I let off all the cares in my head to just let my self breath and enjoy my meal.


As Djinee’s Lade filtered into the speaker, I was filled with nostalgia. Thankfully I was almost done with my meal and enjoying the company of my glass of whiskey. The song always reminded me of Laide Thompson, the girl whom I would never forget.


We met on the weekend of a friend’s wedding. My guy Tony was getting married and surprisingly decided he wanted wed in Enugu, I ran into Laide at the airport though we didn’t get to talk. A male friend accompanied her to the airport and if she could give him an attitude, then she obviously wasn’t worth the trouble.


Surprisingly the same car came to pick us up at the airport, I had no clue what was to happen to my emotion. We got along nicely and for the rest of the weekend seemed inseparable. At the bachelor party everyone thought we were dating – frankly she blocked a couple of other targets I had in mind. As more alcohol flowed making the night darker by the minute the more clingy she got, after trying unsuccessfully to wiggle out of her sight I relaxed allowed her own me.


Each guy had his own tale when we(the groomsmen) met the next morning with the groom while preparing for the wedding. Abdul’s tale was the funniest, as he spoke we could still feel he hadn’t overcome this whinning he got. Abdul had retired with the most petite girl last night, probably he felt he would have left his imprints deep into her by the next morning but after overcoming 5 rounds of ‘his balls buried deep into her sex’ with the last round leaving him convinced he didn’t need the bed for the night, Abdul seemed liter and empty that hot eastern morning. While we were digesting his story and that of Tony who couldn’t resist the urge to watch the big ass of his companion for the night bounce one more time to fast-end-of-bachelorhood-thrusts, Abdul had already ordered for breakfast by 7:30am. Technically Tony was still knacking another woman on his wedding morning, but who are we to judge him? After all whatever happens with the boys stays with the boys – that’s the code. In his words “her bumbum soft like yesterday bread, my wife own na like today’s bread”, we didn’t need an interpreter to get the message deeper.


I didn’t have any story for the crew, Laide left me with a hug and thoughts of her breasts against my skin all night, not even a kiss accompanied it after deliberately blocking whatever else I could have taken to my room. Her call was to find out if the guys were ready to move as the ladies were ready and waiting for us at their lodge for some pictures before the service began. We arrived at their lodge by 9am, an hour before the service as the photo shoot began, we somehow were next to each other in almost every picture, then came the one we had to hold our companions from behind, whether she was deliberately pressing her behind into my tool or not, I can’t say – what I know is my tool was responding to the sensitivity, the coy smile on her face have her out.


She looked beautiful, with her body hugging gown revealing the full width of her round buttocks and wide hips – there’s this attitude a woman works around with when she knows she’s the cynosure of all eyes. I ran into an old colleague at the reception and even invited her over to where the guys sat, I could see Laide’s disapproving eyes from where she sat. As the day ended, the boys made plans again to meet much later at night since most of our flights wasn’t departing till midday. “where are you?” Laide asked “I’m at new haven” I responded, “with who?” she continued “a friend, anything?” “don’t worry” she said as she ended the call. Two more calls in less than an hour asking if I hadn’t returned to my room, got me curious.


As the crew hanged out later that evening watching the El-classico, Laide said she wanted to sleep and was bored. “go and sleep now”, I responded. As the guys concentrated and argued, her hands on my crotch instantaneously made me lose concentration, she continued playing around until my tool got full, as she made for the zipper I behaved I tried to keep concentrating. “are you ready for bed now, she whispered in my ears”, I only nodded in response. The guys were too engrossed in the game to notice I had slipped away. In the elevator we kissed passionately for a while, till she broke free and raised up her gown and pulled off her purple G-string. I followed her hands from her waist till her feet.She was done just in time before the elevator doors opened.


As we entered my room, she guided me gently to the wall whispered in my ears “you enjoyed my hand game?”, I nodded in response as she slowly undid my trousers and went down with it. Her lips on the tip of my tool took me to new clouds, she read the warning sign and pulled way just at the right time. She seemed to like being in control as she led me to the chair, lifting her gown she slowly and gently sat on my tool, she didn’t take it all in at first but the wilder she got the more her depths swallowed my full length as we both enjoyed the ride I freed her twins and took them in my hands, taking turns to feel the roundness of each nipples in my mouth. The more I sucked the faster she went. When she couldn’t take it anymore she held me still, while her juices flowed like a spring.


We spent the rest of the night together and made love one more time. As we landed in Abuja and I watched her give her boyfriend a hug and kiss, I felt jealous, Abdul’s “o boy i hope say you never catch feelings jolted me back to reality?”. Truthfully I had caught feelings and Laide had a great time exploiting my feelings. Well, if nothing else, the sex was awesome.


As I made my way out of the restaurant, I asked the courteous waiter her name and she responded “Laide sir”, “that’s a lovely name”, I said as I walked away.











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