Sometimes letting go seems harder than it actually is. You just feel like you’re losing everything, your inner being weakens your outer being. Your emptiness takes hold of you, you are losing yourself and yet can’t do anything to stop this feeling.


Bimbo had been there for me when i needed all the encouragement I could get. Someone I could talk to, reliable and straight forward. We had our bad moments but somehow we always did overcome and continued our friendship from wherever we left off. To me Bimbo was all I could call a friend for FOUR years.


We met at a mutual friends birthday hangout, I was jobless at time and found little or no pleasure in worthless interactions but then Tunde is my guy from the hood and I had to be there. That’s how we struck a bond, became friends for about a year and dated(or so I thought)for THREE years until last weekend. I still haven’t been able to get over it yet.


With nostalgia I remember our first kiss and sex. Bimbo is a tigress in bed, the kinda girl that will tell you straight up “I didn’t feel that round baby”. Our first night together was a learning experience, I’m not ashamed to say she schooled me in the act of love making and I humbly learnt at her feet.


We had exchanged erotic messages all week and the tension was building up from down below, I could not wait for her to arrive buy when she did she tortured me the more with her pear shaped body. With the half booty showing bum short she wore on a silky V neck top which exposed a bit of her size 34 breasts, making her huge nipples visible.


While she went around the house doing ‘chores’ or rather tormenting me, her glowing laps were on full display while her watery bumbum moved in sync with her every move; she owned her body and knew how to deploy her things to her advantage, oh and when she danced to Omarion & Tiwa’s ‘Get It Now’, I could see she had complete mastery of her assets – her waistline obeyed her every instruction, with each move grew my bulge. I pulled her on my laps and we kissed deepely, as I slowly felt her nipples with the space between my index and middle fingers the deeper we kissed. Just when I I made moves to feel the bare breast in my cold hand, she whispered in my ears “you have me for the whole weekend, don’t be in a hurry”. She stood up and gave a coy smile looking down on my tool.


Tony, Amaka, Prince and Hadiza came around for dinner, while they enjoyed the fresh vegetable soup and semovita i felt even more proud of Bimbo – she nailed it. While others enjoyed their dinner we played footsie under the table and all the while I tried to keep up with the ‘nothing dey happen’ face, even with her leg on my tool. She knew what she was doing and concentrated more on her meal while punishing me.


After dinner and bottles of wine to wash it all down, our guests were gone and we once again had the house to ourselves. I settled to watch Begusaria, she joined melon the sofa and immediately had my attention when her hands disappeared into my boxers, she ran her hands up and down the whole length and when her lips enveloped the cap of my tool I shivered. She took control of all of me, as she sucked my tool and petted my balls I felt her hardening nipples.



I restrained her from draining my calcium before time and took charge of her breasts, her nipples were large and warm. The more i suckled, the more her body movements became incoherent and when I reached down to touch her clit she let out a loud sweet moan. After about FIVE minutes she held my hands, looked me in the eyes and said “let me fuck you”, with that she took off my boxers and went astride on my tool. I suckled on each of her breasts while she whined on me, her juice flowing all over my legs. How I was able to hold on without spilling into her sweet pot so soon I can’t explain. When she shivered and buried her face in my chest I knew it was my turn to show working! I turned her around and took her from behind, first I started slow and picked up as she commanded, as passions grew I placed one of her legs on the sofa and picked up speed. The faster I got, the slapping of our flesh deafening out moans till I collapsed into her, she looked me in the eye again gave me a kiss and told me she loved me.



Our relationship continued, we became an item every we were and were working towards sealing our union by December until I woke up to a delivery man mail with a letter from her informing me of her travelling abroad with her husband, leaving me a number to reach her on. “I love you and I sincerely do but I just had to move” she concluded. I still can’t understand what went wrong or what happened. She hasn’t returned my calls, I only hope she has answers to my numerous questions when she eventually does.






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